South Canterbury Sun Club Inc.

We have been around a while

The SCSC was formed in 1971

History of the South Canterbury Sun Club

The South Canterbury Sun Club Inc. Began in 1971. Two members from the Christchurch Club who lived in Timaru advertised in the local paper to see if there were any people interested in getting together to join a social nudism club. From there an invitation was extended to those interested folk to attend an open day at Pineglades.

The day was well attended and the response was that a meeting should be held to form a South Canterbury group. Thirty three people attended. The group met regularly at the river, held spa and sauna nights and social occasions in halls and homes of members.

It became obvious that grounds were becoming important. Much time was spent trying to find a suitable location. Twenty one acres known as Ashby's Bush, adjacent to the Orari River was found and purchased. Access was through a neighbouring property, and eventually the group was denied the right to use this and would therefore no longer be able to use their own land. A sale was forced and the property reluctantly sold.

From there a farm cottage in Albury with an acre of land was rented and became home for a few years. Attendance was good and the club then affiliated to the N.Z.N.F. when the farmer sold the land, the club was on the move again, unfortunately.

The South Canterbury Catchment Board was approached and permission was given for an acreage of land next to the Opihi River in Pleasant Point to be used. These grounds became known as Willowbanks. Planting trees, sowing lawn and putting in a miniten court got underway. Floods seemed to become a way of life but nevertheless many enjoyable years were spent there.

A downturn in membership due to the lack of facilities prompted the remaining members to look for grounds with more to offer. Eventually with months of meetings with different government departments, the Conservation Department along with the acceptance of locals offered the club the use of an historic school on five acres, 10km from Geraldine. This was ideal and the club became known as "The Old School".

Four years on, membership had declined to just eight, and the loyal few continued to just keep things going. It was obvious that the club needed to have a big boost if it was to survive. Upon retirement, the then president Ian, having been a member from the club's beginning, wasn't about to let the club go down without a fight, and decided to move from Nelson onto the grounds. With the help of our few members a shower and laundry block was built.

Now the club had it all. The clubroom was "The Old School" with a fully equipped kitchen. Other facilities included toilets, shower and laundry block, BBQ, childrens play area, swimming pool and miniten court. There were two power points and plenty of room for parking and pitching a tent.

With promotion and hard work, things started to grow again, with a 40% increase in membership over the first year.

In January 1994, the official 21st reunion was held. Fifty two people attended the dinner. There were campervans, caravans and tents everywhere. From here, things could only move ahead!.

This club has so much going for it. It is one and half hours from Pineglades, 30 minutes from Ashburton, 10 minutes from quaint Geraldine and 30 minutes from Timaru. Things to do from here are endless. Just up the road and through Orari Station is wonderful scenery and a river to swim in. Just down the road is Woodbury, with a new cafe. There is Barkers Winery, tramping, fishing, a day trip to Fairlie, or onto Lake Tekapo. The list goes on, then come back to the club to relax and enjoy what we have to offer.

The number of visitors is increasing, including many from overseas. A nights stay often becomes anything from 4 nights to a week.