Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get my gear off and stay nude all the time I am here?

No, everything is done at your own pace and comfort level, but we would encourage you to get your gear off. Our pool is clothing free though. It's so much more fun than a wet sticky set of togs! If it is really hot and sunny, most will wear a t-shirt, same if it is cold, we wear warm clothes. We may be naturists, but we aren't stupid!

What do I need to bring?

We are relatively isolated but there are shopping facilities nearby. Remember to bring something to eat and drink, sunscreen, a towel for sitting on and most importantly a happy disposition!

If a nude person is talking to me, where I do look and what do I say?

Look where ever you would look if they were clothed. Say hello and above all, be yourself.

Will my friends and colleagues at work find out that I am a naturist?

Not unless you tell them, no. We respect everyone's confidentiality.

What if I meet someone I know at the club?

This doesn't happen often and has never been a problem - after all, you share the same interests and members do not talk about members to non members.

My body does not suit being a nudist

A common misconception, after awhile you will realise that your fears are unfounded, no-one will be judging you on your appearance. Your body is perfect for you.

Will people stare at my body and secretly judge me?

No, everyone is in the same position that you are in and will not want you to judge them either, so we are all very accepting.

Will I get sun burnt? Isn't sun tanning dangerous?

Wear sun block and don't spend more than a safe amount of time in the sun. Start off slowly. We like to spend time in the shade. It is recommended that a person spend at least 10 minutes in the sun each day in order to get the maximum amount of Vitamin D- essential for all kinds of health. We are all aware of skin cancer here and try to maintain safety in the sun.

What if an erection or something equally embarrassing happens to me?

This is a common fear for first time nudists and rarely happens in an environment of safe social nudity. If something embarrassing happens just know that we are very kind and accepting of each other.

What about body hair, tattoos and piercings?

Everyone is welcome to their own fashion statements.

What is the usual protocol for shared seating and sunbeds?

If your bum is bare, please cover the chair (with your towel).

Can I visit your club?

We welcome all visitors interested in the naturist lifestyle. We accept day visitors and for overnight stays can offer unpowered camping sites (and a very limited number of powered sites (conditions apply)) for those with caravans or tents. A small charge is applicable for overnight stays. No caravan or tent? Not to worry, we have a basic cabin available. Simply contact us via email, the web contact form or by phone and we can discuss options with you.

I am interested in joining, how do I become a member?

We love new people joining our club. We accept applications for membership from all persons genuinely interested in our lifestyle and who have visited the club on a number of occasions to ensure that they are comfortable with the facilities and will fit in the with other members. Applications are open to singles, couples (same or mixed sex) and families. Persons interested in membership should speak to a committee member during one of their visits. Upon receipt of an application the committee will review and advise the applicant of the outcome. Note - we do reserve the right to restrict membership approvals to maintain an appropriate single/couple/family and gender balance.